Chloe P. Crawford

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Works on Paper




Blue (Ramp)
paper, foam, cardboard
38 inches x 48 inches x 4 inches

Blue (Tape)
acrylic and tape on canvas
59 inches x 50 inches

Blue (Tile)
acrylic on canvas
72 inches x 24 inches

Blue (Stair)
paint, spackle on wood
(2) 60 inches x 34 inches

Blue (Arrow)
tape on wall
5 inches x 32 inches

Blue (Towel)
ink on towels, grab bars
42 inches x 61 inches

Blue (Print)
dirt on wall
17 inces x 8 inches

Blue (Line)
chalk on wall
29 feet

This is an installation of 8 pieces arranged along three adjoining walls. Blue (Line) is a thin blue chalk line 68 inches up from the ground running the entire length of the walls across. All the works are hung below this line. The peices are described from left to right.

On the left wall there are two pieces: Blue (Ramp) is a ramp on the floor covered with printed paper. The image on the paper is an underwater scene with the perspective of looking up towards the surface. Blue (Tape) is a square canvas painted white and de-stretched (instead of being stretched tight around the frame it has been taken off the frame and is floppy). Blue painters tape is woven together over top of the painting. The ends of the tape extend to the wall and are helping to hold the canvas to the wall.

On the middle wall there is one piece: Blue (Tile) which is a long painting of dozens of small rectangular blue tiles with white grout surrounding them. On the bottom is a waterline and the tiles viewed through this line are wavy and distorted. The painting is hung less than 1-inch above the gray vinyl-tiled floor which is reflecting the image on the painting.

The back wall does not meet the right wall in a single concave corner. Instead there is square column about 6 inches x 6 inches in the corner. You might experience it like this: the back wall leads to a concave corner, then there is a short 6 inch wall, then a convex corner, then another 6 inch wall, and then a final concave corner leading to the right most wall. In this corner two pieces are arranged. Blue (Stair) is two wood stair stringers with 5 steps each, painted light blue. One stair stringer is in the first concave corner along the back wall, and the other is in the second concave corner along the right wall. The stair stringer on the back wall is flipped so that the stairs are facing down, the top forms a smooth angled ramp. The stair stringer on the right wall has the stairs right-side up. The bottom of the stair stringers have a rough uneven surface mimicing the surface of the wall. The second piece in the corner is Blue (Tape), which is strips of blue tape with small white arrows printed on it. The strips of tape are arranged on the small 6-inch wall sections with the arrows pointing towards the convex corner. 

On the right wall there are two pieces: Blue (Towel) which consists of two grab bars on the wall with towels hung over them. One grab bar is hung about 3 feet above the ground and the second grab bar is roughly 1 foot above it, parallel but slightly to the left. Hung on the grab bars are 4 white towels of differing sizes. The biggest bath towel is hung from the bottom bar and touches the floor. The bottom of the towel is painted blue as if it is wet. The other towels are hung from the top bar. There is a slighly smaller bath towel, then a hand towel over it, and finally a washcloth on top. Blue (Print) is a piece directly on the wall to the right of Blue (Towel). It consists of blue smudge marks that were created when I used the wall to hold onto as I rounded the corner while in my wheelchair.